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Olympus Camera

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Carolina Camera
Site features the 25 year history and clips from the Carolina Camera segments from WBTV News.

Camera Repair Japan
Authorized warranty repair for Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Samsung. Located in Georgia.

M-Rock Camera Bags
Multi purpose camera bags and backpacks featuring a variety of travel accessories.

Camera & Camera Ltd
Sellers of digital, video, SLR and compact cameras plus telescopes.

The Musicians' Olympus
Clem Clempson biography

Boston Camera Rental Co.
Professional 16mm and 35mm motion picture camera and lens rental. Arriflex, Moviecam, Aaton, Zeiss, Angenieux, Canon and more, as well as associated accessories. Serving New England and the nation.

Aware Magazine
Review, 3/5. "It had cool units and camera angles but a steep learning curve (camera and movement) and lack of fit and finish really held me back."

Camera Club Links
Information on camera clubs and businesses maintained by local photographer, who also shows examples of his pictures.

Dabrowski, Jerry
Collection of personal digital pictures taken using Olympus D-450z camera, and results of digital experiments.

Massers Camera Shop
Small camera shop in Malton. Site lists the makes of camera sold, with links to the manufacturers' sites.

Olympus Aerial Surveys
Olympus has been providing aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping services to engineering companies, mining industry, municipalities, state and federal agencies since 1965.

Abilene Camera Repair
Mail order camera repair. Repair most of the older manual focus SLRs. Prices on the web site.

The pinhole camera - the camera without a lens. Information about the simplest image-creating device, its history, sample photographs and the PinholeDesigner program to help you with the necessary calculations. By David Balihar, in both Czech and English languages.

Norman Camera and Video
Variety of camera equipment, digital equipment and accessories. Kalamazoo, MI.

joel's vitage camera collection
A private, vintage camera collection, including pictures and descriptions.

Paxcam Microscope Camera
Integrated imaging package with camera and software that work with most microscopes. Includes layering, video, images, and time lapse.

That Camera Place
Retail camera store, with shops in Evesham, Bicester, and Abingdon, and online shopping.

Developer of Zeus: Master of Olympus.

Camera Shopper Article on PETAL camera
These are the world record holders for the smallest camera. This is a very interesting and informative article on using and buying these cameras

Vermeer's Camera
Years of speculation and controversy surround claims that the great Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer, used the camera obscura to create some of the most famous images in Western art.

Classic Camera Profiles
Advice on camera selection and profiles of collectible cameras, focusing on Nikon and Leica rangefinders.

Tustin Camera
Photographic and camera equipment plus an inhouse lab and a professional portrait studio.

Rent a pro
Photograph equipment rental, camera rental, flashlight, tungsten light, accessories, and camera filter.

The Camera Collection of Annie and Carl
Camera collectors from Holland. Photos, information, and links to other camera related sites.

HID Live Camera
Shows regularly updated photos of Sapporo, along with overhead map showing camera location and angle.

Camera Mart, Inc.
A full-service camera store.

Steve's Camera Site
Steve Foster's personal camera collection. Cameras for sale or swap.

Camera Country
Offering new and used camera and video equipment, and photo finishing services.

The Brownie Camera @ 100: A Celebration
Multi-media site celebrates the 100th birthday of this simple box camera Kodak introduced in 1900. It sold for $1 and was simple enough the youngest child could use it with ease.

Marcus Brooks: Subminiature Camera Stuff
A listing of subminis in movies, a flash from a disposable camera, and several tips and tricks.

James Jordan Camera
Film and video cameraman, technical and artistic control of the camera. On the set, or relaying information.

Speed Camera Defence
Stockists and retailers of speed camera defensive equipment. Includes company profile and online ordering.

Mt. Olympus Kennels
Virginia. Show records, puppies available, pictures.

Oppenheimer Camera
Motion picture camera rental house with offices in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

Historic Camera : Antique Cameras and Photography
Resource for Antique Camera Collectors and Photographers. Contains collectable and classic camera references, photogrphica history, a photography related only links web search engine, bulletin board, shows and events calendar, camera and photo galleries.

Olympus Communications
Information from the Australian distributor of Olympus dictating and recording products. Details speech recognition equipment that converts words into text for downloading to a PC.

Praktica B Camera Pages
Specifications and history of Praktica's bayonet mount camera system.

R. Lee Hawkins' Photography and Olympus FAQs
Information, FAQs and links about Olympus cameras and Zuiko lenses

Gene Moffett Studios
Video and film camera crews, Steadicam operators, and camera equipment rental packages in the Denver, Colorado, and Rocky Mountain region.

Olympus, USS
The USS Olympus, NX-34051, is a Defiant Class Warship designed mainly for battle but for exploration as well.

The Classic Camera MEC 16SB
Information, and photos of this camera.

Richmond Camera
Prints, negatives or transparencies from your digital camera images or other digital files. VA.

Camera Review Links.com
Index of links to professionally written camera reviews arranged by specific product.

Camera Corner
Retailers presenting a wide range of camera, video, projector, telescopic, audio visual and photographic equipment.

National Camera and Video Exchange
Photography, camera, and darkroom equipment.

Vaughn Smith Camera
VSC buys, sells and trades quality pro camera equipment.

London Camera Exchange
Includes a listing of local stores and information on new camera prices. There is also a second-hand search facility.

Olympus Europe
Olympus microscope site in Germany.

Phoenix Camera Repair Services
An authorized camera repair service for Hasselblad. Offers photo classes, camera cervice and repair, and company information.

Cambridge Camera Exchange
Description and ordering information for the Beseler pinhole camera kit, available from Cambridge Camera Exchange.

National Camera Institute
Camera repair correspondence course for film cameras and lenses. Courses description, order catalog, repair forum, classifieds.

Ruffell, Ben
Camera assistant and camera operator based in New Zealand. Site includes credits and contact information.

Mustek System Inc.
Provides a total solution for the manufacturing digital camera, PC Camera, LCD Projector, CD-RW, DVD Player, and peripherals.

The Camera Shop
Offering camera equipment and processing services.

Thomas Camera Services Ltd
Camera sales and repair services. Provides online shopping for cameras, camcorders and accessories. Located in the U.K.

Fone Post
A community for camera phone picture posting and sharing. create your own photo albums using your camera phone.

Camera Warehouse
Major photographic retailer with secure sales of Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta Olympus, Sony, Kodak and Fuji cameras and accessories. Low prices and full after sales service.

Richard T. Ritter
Large format camera repair, Pentax meter repair, and related camera repair. Located in Vermont.

Thomas Camera Repairs
Camera sales and repair services, free estimates, nationwide delivery service, listings of cameras and accessories with online enquiry form

Camarillo Camera
Used cameras and equipment, film and processing, digital cameras, darkroom supplies, telescopes, binoculars, plus camera repair.

Intel Presents
Desktop video camera, the Create and Share Camera Pack.

Hawaiian Camera Supply
Specializing in world wide sales of new and used Hasselblad camera equipment since 1988.

Lomographic Society International
Encounter the small Russian camera LOMO, a great compact camera from St. Petersburg, which stands at the beginning of it all.

Houston Camera Exchange
Buyer and seller of quality new and used camera equipment.

Mario Groleau camera collection
Canadian French and English site listing a vintage camera collection.

Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography
Photo gallery plus directions to make a pinhole camera, take pictures and develop them. Also, links to other pinhole camera sites.

Fargo Enterprises, Inc.
Searchable directory of camera repair companies, camera repair manuals and parts, and camera manufacturers.

US Camera
Dealers of many name brand telescopes, cameras, camera repairs, sales, and parts with an online catalog.

The Loch-Lomo ... Yet Another Pinhole Camera
A description of how to make a convenient pinhole camera from an old Agfa Clack box camera. There is also more general information on pinhole cameras and technique, as well as a gallery.

Olympus Optical Co. LTD
Home page for Olympus Microscopes, Japan.

Camera Cinemas
Showtimes, reviews, and coming attractions for the Camera One, Camera 3, Towne 3 and Los Gatos movie theaters.

Igor's Camera Exchange
Buy, sell, and trade camera equipment, including Minox.

Morris Repair Services
Repair of all makes of camcorder, camera and digital camera. Postal service available in UK. Site lists repair prices, postal instructions, history, warranty, useful information and a list of camera and camcorder clubs.

Fotoart Camera and Frame Shop
Sells camera equipment and accessories, printers and related products, and offers online shopping.

Information about digital camera, flash storage and card readers as well as camera comparisons.

Microdolly Hollywood
Manufacturer of portable professional camera support equipment including dollies, cranes, and camera accessories.

Spy Camera
Offers a variety of childcare camera systems.

Includes photographic courses delivered by email, online galleries, and darkroom, camera, film, and chemical information.

Photo-Tech Camera Service Inc.
Full line camera service centre. Includes contact details and product information.

Kenyon Laboratories LLC
Binocular, medium format camera and cinema camera stabilizers, plus gimbals, gimbal mounts, and inverters.

Maestro di Camera del Papa
The maestro di camera is the real chief chamberlain. His authority extends over all matters concerning the daily personal service of His Holiness.

Kodak: How to Make a Pinhole Camera
Tells how to make a camera from a can or a box and how to take pictures with it.

Atomic Dolly and Crane Rental
Supplier of camera dollies, camera cranes, and camera support to new York, Connecticut, and New Jersey film and television production. We rent Panther Dollies, Chapman Dollies, and remote Camera Cranes

[9/10] Review by Thomas Wilde. "A 3D platformer, for my money, tends to live and die by its camera, and Wario World's camera succeeds in that respect." Includes screen shots.

Jonas, Kein - Camera Obscura
b/w and color pinhole photos with description for making a camera.

Holladay Camera Bikes
Camera bikes, camera quads, motion control systems for still photographers, and carbon fiber boom arms capable of spanning lengths of 35 ft.

Camera Clinic
Offering hire and repair of medium to large format camera and flash equipment.

Penn Camera
Full line of cameras and accessories including Polaroid, light meters and camera bags.

Offering a range of computer, digital camera and camera consumables.

High Tech Security
Burglar alarm installations as well as web camera and surveillance camera sales and installations

Utility Software Hallbauer
Presents an underwater camera for use in boats, fishing, and diving as well as software with which to control the camera.

Eye-D Cam
An identification card camera helps to protect your business and is a self contained color camera system.

Network Camera
Realtime still and video network web-based camera with movement controls and buffering.

42 St. Photo
Offers Camera, digital video and camera, A/V, and computers.

Yamada, Kai
Hand-colored, Polaroid transfer, toy camera (Holga camera and a hybrid Polariod/Brownie camera).

Camera Craft OnLine
Authorized dealer of most photography equipment and supplies, with product details, camera and picture-taking advice, filter charts, and related links.

Methodius of Olympus, Saint
Bishop, ecclesiastical writer, martyr, d. c. 311.

Allan Padelford Camera Cars
California-based company specializing in the construction of high performance camera cars and equipment.

Bromfield Camera Co.
Offers Canon, Pentax, Olympus and other brand name film cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, rentals, repair service, transfers and film processing.

Iomojo Camera Server
Linux based camera server with streaming video, chat and photo albums.

The Camera Corner and Connecting Point
Camera and computer products and services.

Located at an elevation of 11,600 feet in the Colorado Front Range, above timberline on Niwot Ridge, about 25 miles west of Boulder. Camera can be controlled by anyone; a robotic arm and special software allow the camera to be panned and zoomed from a web browser. The software allows multiple users to control the camera at one time.

The Society of Operating Cameramen (SOC)
The principal purpose of the S.O.C. is to recognize and nurture excellence in the field of camera operation and, secondarily, in the allied camera crafts, and to encourage development of both technology and production methods.

The Copper City Camera Club
Web site for local camera club in Butte, Montana.

F-Stop Camera Corp.
Provides film developing, cameras, and camera accessories.

Camera Cars Unlimited
Camera car rentals. Traditional, 4x4 and Hummer camera cars, process trailers, and tow dollies including extra-low and motorcycle tow dollies.

Olympus C-2500L Digital Camera FAQ
Information on the Olympus C-2500L digital camera, and the 2500L e-mail discussion group.

Syosset Camera Club
Long Island's active camera club with competitions, programs, and weekly field trips.

Continental Camera
Retail store offering cameras, repair services, camera accessories, binoculars, telescopes and related items.

Classic Camera
Classic and antique camera price lists, auction search, appraisal services and forum.

Tyler Camera Systems
Manufacturer of helicopter mounts and camera systems for aerial still and video photography. Supplying stabilized camera platforms for over 35 years.

Favorite Classics
A classic camera site that includes repair tips, camera information, instruction & repair manuals, and a repair forum

London Camera Exchange
Includes a listing of local stores and information on new camera prices. There is also a second-hand search facility.

KEH Camera
Buyer and seller of used camera equipment.

Life in Your Camera
Fungi and dust mites sometimes inhabit precious camera equipment. How to discover them, and what measures to take.

Video camera project for use on a R/C model plane, helicopter, car, boat, or robot. Full instructions and forum on building a low cost wireless video color camera system.

Camera Shield
Underwater camera housing for protection from water, dust and mud. Based in Australia, international ordering available.

Manufacturer of camera support equipment, including remote control heads, camera cranes, mobile platforms, dollies, levelers, straight and curved steel track, and camera mounting systems.

UK Camera Shops
A directory of UK and Eire camera shops listed by name and town. Also featuring used cameras and listings of UK manufacturers and importers.

Skyhi Visual Productions
Manufactures a camera suit, a helmet camera and videos. Specifications and product details.

Bret Culp's Camera Collection
Technical information on cameras from a 1926 Kodak 1 pocket camera, to a 1999 Yashica Super T4, as well as urban and landscape photographs.

Olympus America
Olympus America's corporate web site

Marine Camera Distributors
Underwater camera and equipment sales.

Camera 888
Online digital camera store. Catalogue includes batteries, memory and accessories.

The Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura
Many facets of the camera obscura (dark room); the origin of the photographic camera, its place in art, culture and education,vintage instruments,images, photographs, and working camera obscuras are included.

Video production for broadcast, media and public relations. Camera crew are available 24 hours, 7 days a week on almost any camera kit configuration.

Wec Communications
Manufacturers and suppliers of camera towers, camera poles, and brackets to the security and CCTV industries.

gPhoto is a free, redistributable digital camera software application for Unix-like systems. It supports 90+ different digital camera models from various vendors. Featuring GTK+-based graphical user interface similar to the GIMP and GNOME desktop applications, Command line interface, Thumbnail preview, HTML Gallery engine, and Live Camera! preview.

Sierra Pacific Innovations
Infrared camera resources, thermal ir camera specs, thermography inspections for circuit boards, predictive maintenance, energy audits, and online infrared training.

Olympus Junior High
Announcements and course programs.

Provides IR filters, ultra telephoto lenses and instructional handbooks with camcorder, digital camera or film camera.

C.R.I.S. Camera Services
Camera repair by mail service and exclusive distributor of Kyoritsu and Gokosha test instruments.

Digital camera and photography information, offering camera specifications, news, animated tutorials, reviews, tips, questions and answers, links and a tools collection.

McClanahan Camera
Camera shop offering sales and service, contact information, hours of operation and newsletters.

Green Valley Camera Club
Summary of activities, meeting times, articles and photos, events calendar, camera tips, and membership application.

Rick's camera collecting page
Personal camera collection; reviews & articles about older cameras and photography.

Camera Hacker
Thoughts and procedures on hacking camera equipment accompanied by product reviews.

(Catholic Encyclopedia)

AP-T Camera Repair
Camera repair, sales, and rentals in Albuquerque. AP-T is an authorized service center for Fuji, Nikon, and Minolta cameras; and Norman, Novatron, and DynaLite Speedotron studio lighting systems.

Olympus Mailing List Information
Subscription information and archives of the Olympus camera mailing list.

Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography
Photo gallery plus directions to make a pinhole camera, take pictures and develop them. Also, links to other pinhole camera sites.

Miranda Camera Home Page
History and descriptions of the defunct camera company's products.

Canada Camera Car
Comprehensive range of equipment designed to get every shot perfectly. Insert, crane and chase cars, camera boats, process trailers, tow dollies, mounting attachments, and rigging accessories.

Camera Warehouse
Major photographic retailer with secure sales of Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta Olympus, Sony, Kodak and Fuji cameras and accessories. Low prices and full after sales service.

Olympus OM Webring
Links to many Olympus OM websites.

Camera Facilities
Provides camera, lighting, audio and accessories to facilitate most types of production.

A Florida astronomy dealer and manufacturer of digital camera adapters, solar filters, piggy back camera mounts and other accessories.

Sky-Eye Camera Systems
Manufacturers of a mobile remote-controlled video camera for use in surgical and anatomy class applications. View demonstration videos, list of customers and contact details.

Sutekie Photo Studio
Specialist in Digital Camera, 35mm camera, APS Camera, SLR Camera and accessories. Located in Taman Perindustrian Hijau.

Camera Car Grandmont
Camera car available for hire based in Mercier, Quebec, Canada. Site includes equipment, rates, company information and a photo gallery. View in English or French.

Camera Repair dot Com
Camera repairs for classics and digital cameras. Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh. Located in New Jersey.

Camera Bits
Compatible plugins for use with Photoshop that will remove color noise from digital camera images.

NYC Surveillance Camera Project
New York City has been installing cameras throughout the city. Has lots of information, including camera locations.

Canon Camera Museum
A virtual museum of Canon Camera History from the first camera to the latest one.

Crawley Camera Club
Camera club which meets twice a week at Tilgate Forest Recreation Centre. Darkroom and studio facilities available.

E-Camera Bags
Designed and built camera bags to relieve stress on the body, improve photography and protect camera equipment.

Olympus Documentation Archive
Unofficial collection of Olympus owner manuals in PDF.

Unique Camera Service, Inc.
Camera and photo equipment repair service. Cameras, lenses, flashes, camcorders and Kodak slide projectors. Free estimates. Located in Skokie, IL.

An Antique and Classic Camera Collection
Antique and classic camera collection, with wooden view cameras from the 19th century. Information on camera fairs, and links for antique and classic camera collectors.

Secret Security Camera
Sells security equipment such as wireless security camera, cigarette pack camera and smoke detector camera.

Manufactures and sells batteries, battery chargers, camera lights and camera accessories for the broadcast and professional video industries worldwide.

Music Olympus : Madonna
Numerous resources for the actress/singer.

Derbyshire Safety Camera Partnership
Campaign to encourage drivers in the county to drive safely and within the speed limit. Includes news, list of camera locations, and information about the group.

Moving Camera Solutions
Film and video production service company providing a camera crane truck, car and camera mounts, dolly movement, grip and lamp operator services.

Digital Camera Warehouse
Camera, accessory, and printing supply store. Digital photography tips, product comparison charts, catalogue and shopping cart included.

THK Photo Products, Inc.
Exclusive distributors of Tokina camera lenses, Hoya filters, and Kenko lens converters and video camera lenses in the US.

Derbyshire Safety Camera Partnership
Campaign to encourage drivers in Derbyshire to drive safely and within the speed limit. Includes news, list of camera locations, and information about the group.

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